Evil dead rise 2023 movie review :Battle for survival

Evil Dead Rise 2023 review

Evil Dead Rise 2023

Evil dead rise 2023 

Director: Lee Cronin
Screenwriters: Lee Cronin

starring cast 

lee Cronin
Gabrielle Echols acts as Bridget
Alyssa Sutherland act as Ellie
Lily Sullivan acts as Beth Ellie's sister
morgan davies act as Danny
Nell Fisher acts as Kassie

A reunion of two estranged sisters who get cut by the flesh possessing demons brings them in a situation of battle for survival which they have never imagined.

In a series of Evil Dead, some previous version are ...

1. The Evil Dead: 1981 Directed by Sam Rami. 
2. Evil Dead 2. Dead by Dawn: 1987 Directed by Sam Rami.
 3. Evil Dead 3. Amy of Darkness/The Medieval Dead: 1992 Directed by Sam Rami.
 4. Evil Dead: 2013 Directed by Fede Álvarez.
 5. Evil Dead Rise: 2023 Directed by Lee Cronin. 

 The Evil Dead franchise a series of movies and the rise is the latest release
Each film, with maybe the exception of "The Evil Dead 2" Dead by dawn and the 3rd one  "Army of Darkness" could be watched as an entirely separate story. 

It could be thought of as a sort of disjointed anthology. There has never been a main villain like Freddie Krugger or Pinhead. The recruiting character of Ash, played by Bruce Campbell is no longer a part of the proceedings.

 However there is a tv show called "Ash vs The Evil Dead" and he almost returned to the movies in a credit sequence in 2014s "Evil Dead" the fourth film in the series, which is more or less a remake/reboot of the first film 1981s 

"The Evil Dead". The second film, Sam Rami's  1987s "Evil Dead 2", a slightly more expensive remake, is also of the first film. Previously "Army of Darkness" was the only film that was not set in a cabin in the woods, but now "Evil Dead Rise" has moved away from the woods and is centered on a condemned apartment building in Los Angeles.

 "Evil Dead Rise", the third attempt to re-energize the franchise, kicks off with a very Sam Rami nod to the Deadite of Evil Dead 1 and 2. But from there on, it is very much its own film. 2014s "Evil Dead" had already dispensed with the slapstick humor of the previous three movies in favor of a more traditional horror fest. 

About the movie

After an earthquake hit the apartment a concealed room of a 100-year-old curse bank in the basement of the apartment reveals something best left alone in the basement and they found books. a teenager invokes demonic spirits when he opens the Book of the Dead and plays the vinyl he grabs from the vault.

 A family and some other residents living in the building, begin to discover that the apartment building was not only their home, but also a prison of an evil demonic presence Director Lee Cronin brings a welcome fresh perspective to this ailing franchise, but you do have to ask yourself if this is actually an Evil Dead film or just a really good stand-alone horror series. 

the movie does not take too long and the demon attack to the caring mother and then begins the insane fight for survival. 

there are effects to show the demonic character as shown in the movie whether it is scarry moments while cracking eggs in the pan with demonic talk, the chain saw moment, demonic love moment to his childrens.

effects with the door when the little girl peeps to open it, artificial blood drain and of course that the scene when demons jump climbs to the ceiling and talk.

over all the movie will be entertaining, must watch in the theater for real experience.

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